Marc Unger began his studies with Robert Stockfis, Trinity College of Music, Manchester, England, 1976-1978. In 1978 he received first prize from the British Federation of Music, Classical Guitar Competition.  A subsequent meeting with Andres Segovia, considered by music scholars to be the father of the modern classical guitar movement, was a milestone in Unger's career. The maestro urged Marc to "Continue studies!"

In 1979 Marc did what any young musician would have done in England at the time , and formed a punk rock band. After two years of rehearsals and gigs around Manchester he decided to take Segovia's words a little more seriously. In 1982 he emigrated to the United States and continued his studies at Georgia State University with John Sutherland, himself a former student of Segovia.

Marc started playing professionally in Atlanta in 1986. Over the years he has continued to delight audiences in Europe and America. "A Short History of Music" was first performed  at the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester, England in 2009. Recently interviewed on Atlanta Radio, his music was described as "Hauntingly beautiful".

As well as the standard baroque and classical repertoire, Marc has a special interest in Spanish and Latin-American composers. Apart from performing, Marc is active in promoting classical music in the North Georgia schools.


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